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LOL LOVES: Tiffany Cabán

The queen of Queens! The New York City borough of Queens is likely to have a trailblazing new District Attorney, Tiffany Cabán, who has all but beaten established public servant Melinda Katz. Endorsed by our hero and possible savior of the world, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Tiffany Cabán is a queer, Latina, 31-year old woman former public-defender who believes in decriminalising sex work, closing Rikers Island and ending cash bail.

"They said I was too young, they said I didn’t look like a district attorney, they said we couldn’t build a movement from the grassroots, they said we could not win — but we did it, y’all," Tiffany said to a packed crowd of supporters at her victory party.

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! The work is being done. It might feel fruitless, but things are changing!

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LOL LOVES: Tiffany Cabán