Interviewed by Cait Emma Burke
Interviewed by Cait Emma Burke
Sister Studios Q&A

Q&A: Sister Studios

You can spot a SISTER Studios piece from a mile away. That unmistakeable blend of a playful yet practical design ethos has meant that in just a few short years the label has become a mainstay of Melbourne women’s wardrobes.

Creating a thriving label is never easy, but Alice McIntosh and Emma Cutri have made it look positively breezy. The accidental way in which the label came to fruition has imbued it with a carefree, sunny vibe and what started out as two friends sewing in their spare time has morphed into a real sisterhood, with a SISTER Studios bricks and mortar store recently opening up on the best corner in North Fitzroy.

We chat to the BFF duo ahead of their This is How We Do It workshop about the ups and downs of being business owners, celebrating the sisterhood, and looking back on how far they’ve come.

Hi Alice and Emma! We’re excited for your This is How We Do It workshop. What’s the best part about being your own bosses and what SISTER Studio's achievement are you proudest of?

The best things about being our own bosses is having full creative control over every decision we make and making decisions that align with our values and dreams as a small business. Also, who doesn’t love flexibility ;) The SISTER achievements we are proudest of would be that we grew our hobby into a job! Opening our SISTER store has been a medley of proud moments as we’ve brought our visions for SISTER into real life.

Let’s talk about dealing with the inevitable stress and anxiety that can come with running a business. What soothes you when you’re experiencing these feelings?

When we are feeling stressed it’s best for us to step away for a while, whether that is going for a walk to Recycle Boutique, coffee at Juanita Peaches or a quick swim break across the road at Brunswick Baths. If we really want to shake it up, we will do a little SISTER dance or something to lighten the mood in the studio.

We love that SISTER Studios is all about celebrating the sisterhood. How has this focus on sisterhood shaped your business ethos?

The reason we started SISTER was because of our strong connections and relationships with our sisters. We were so inspired by our friends and women we knew and we had a strong support system around us filled with encouraging people. The focus on sisterhood really is the fundamental key to the success of SISTER we think. Everything we design is usually with a friend in mind or something that we notice our friends are loving to wear or saying they are missing from their lives.

If you could give your younger selves one piece of advice, what would it be?

RELAX AND SLOW DOWN…take a minute to think about things. Nothing is as urgent as you think it is.

What personal mantras or affirmations do you always revisit?

Sometimes we just remind each other that we used to cut SISTER clothes out on the kitchen floor, and sew them at the kitchen table. That time is always reassuring to think back on and remember how far we’ve come.


Book? Normal People - Sally Rooney
Song/playlist? A place in the sun - Marine girls
Podcast? Seeing White by Scene on Radio
Film clip? Bag Lady - Erykah Badu and These Boots are Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra
Scent? Ylang ylang and coriander
Snack? Dark chocolate almonds
Drink? Bottomless filter from Juanita Peaches
Insta account? @round.animals @astrowonders

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