Style Hun: Mercy Sang

Style Hun: Mercy Sang

This month’s LOL style hun is Melbourne based Editor and Model Mercy Sang. When she’s not studying for her double degree in Business and Journalism, she’s working on POCC Mag. Mercy started Pocc (People Of Colour Collective) in 2017 when she was just 21 years old as a platform to put a spotlight on diversity in creativity – and the mag is just as stylish as the woman herself.

Mercy’s work is intelligent and poised at the forefront of youth culture. It seems fitting that she will be speaking on a panel at Future Youth as part at the global ideas festival Semi Permanent. Exploring themes like isolation vs connectivity, sense of purpose and systemic failures within our communities, Future Youth speaks to exactly that – the future youths. And Mercy is one we should be listening to.

“Style to me is an expression of oneself, you can tell a lot about a person based on their style."

"I think this winter should be all about statement coats. Currently lusting over the Saks Potts Foxy coat."

"I am extremely excited to share the stage with some other amazing young creatives at Semi-Permanent's 'Future Youth'. I am looking forward to hearing their current views and opinions and most importantly learning from them. I'd love to know their view on being young in the current digital age that we are in and how that impacts them creatively, whether that being positive or negative or rather both."

Brand: PRADA
Scent: Aesop 'Hwyl'
Place: Nairobi, KENYA
Person:Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Colour: Navy
Food: Japanese
Drink: Martini
Holiday: Italy