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WORKSHOP: Get Your Money, Honey!

Thursday, May 9th 2019
451 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
$30 per person

Money matters are some of the most mystifying topics out there. When you finally start making your own money, what are you actually supposed to do with it? And how do you know if you're getting the most bang for your buck?

Avoidance and lack of knowledge are some of the most common issues standing in the way of your financial freedom – but your bank account doesn’t need to be your enemy!

Join Line Paras, part-time rock star and full-time financial expert, for a crash course in financial literacy that will leave you feeling empowered, in control, and ready to take on the world (or at least your tax return!).

What you can expect:

Learn the four fundamental pillars of financial literacy
Unpack avoidance, shame and self-sabotage
Break down personal taxes and important things to keep in mind
Figure out superannuation and why it's important

LEADER BIO: Line Paras

Line is the numbers lady for many of Melbourne's creatives. As a bookkeeper and business owner, she's good with other people's money. Line studied bookkeeping while on maternity leave and started her business in 2014, Counting Clouds, which now services 120 sole trader and small businesses and predominately services creatives, artists, musicians and festivals.

When she's not helping manage other people's money, Line is the bass player in a band called The Gems with her husband Arnie.

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