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Life/Work, Self/Care Workshop

Explore the physical and emotional benefits, and social impacts, of self-care and embodiment. Hosted by writer, photographer and yoga teacher Shannon May Powell.

Sat, Nov 30th 2019
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
$35 per person
Fitzroy, Melbourne

The term ‘self-care’ has taken on many different meanings over the past few years. But at its core, self-care doesn’t involve expensive creams or cleanses. It’s a skill that is learned, not bought.

Writer, photographer and yoga teacher Shannon May Powell has dedicated herself to the pursuit of an honest, transparent and inclusive approach to self-care. This workshop will explore the psychological shifts that help us to feel as though self-care is worthy of our time, and we are worthy of its benefits. It doesn’t have to be an expensive and grandiose gesture, it can be found in small daily rituals that contribute to our overall mental health and wellbeing.

Join Shannon for a session on how to tailor self-care in a way that is personal and beneficial. Think about the physical and emotional benefits, and how to extend the benefits of our personal ‘self-development’ practices beyond our individual selves.

What can you expect:
Practical tools for feeling more present in your body and managing stress
Information about the emotional and physical benefits of self-care practices
Insight into how rest can be an empowered act in a culture that is obsessed with busy-ness
The importance of safety, inclusion and community connection in wellness
The greater social impact of embodied practices
*oh and delicious snacks!

Workshop Leader Bio:
Shannon is a multidisciplinary artist working across the mediums of photography, writing, video and installation. Her work has been exhibited in group shows for the Berlin Feminist Film Week, New York Art Book Fair and the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne. She has been featured in a number of international print and online publications such as i-D, Vogue, Dumbo Feather and Archer magazine. She also works as a yoga teacher and curator of Small Beyond wellness retreats, which she has hosted in Europe and Australia. Small Beyond is a retreat business that invests in not-for-profit retreat experiences for organisations associated with mental health. All of Shannon’s work explores what a deeper sense of embodiment means and the social impact that embodied practices can have in the world.