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THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Chrissy Lafian from SUKU Home

Thursday, Feb 27th 2020
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Fitzroy, Melbourne

SUKU is one of Melbourne’s favourite fashion and lifestyle labels. Run by Chrissy Lafian between Melbourne and Indonesia for seven years, SUKU is known for its always fun and funky seasonal patterns and soft, comfy, silhouettes, and have been practicing sustainable and ethical production since the very beginning. But although she's always had a strong vision for her brand OR But although it might look like she's got life all figured out Chrissy hasn’t always had a clear personal direction. In fact, she still struggles with feelings of inadequacy and confusion.

In this session of This Is How We Do It, Chrissy will be sharing plenty of the nitty gritty stuff behind how she’s made SUKU work over the years, from operating her brand across multiple countries to the harsh reality of retail. But she’ll also provide an insight into some of her challenges and struggles on a more personal level, and how she has worked towards envisioning and manifesting a life she imagined.

What you can expect:

Hear about Chrissy’s personal trajectory and how that’s led her to where she is today
Understand how Chrissy has transformed this one-woman operation into a thriving small business
Learn about the SUKU ethos of authenticity, sustainability and connection under ethical fair trade practices
A discussion about what it's like to battle your own brain
A visualisation and manifestation exercise