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Wine Time with Pet Nat Sats

Saturday, June 29th
3pm - 5pm
Below LOL Space @ Milney’s Bar
$50 per person

LOL Space hosts a tipsy afternoon with the girls from Pet Nat Sats!


Whether you’re having a glass at the end of a long day, getting that warm fuzzy feeling before a fun night out or sharing a bottle and a cackle with your bestie, knowing your who’s and what’s of wine is an important grown up life skill to acquire. But we’re not longer just in red, white or bubbly territory. Is this wine funky or fresh? Am I supposed to have this chilled? Is it organic? Sustainable? Biodynamic? Vegan? And wtf is that stuff in the bottom of my bottle?

Join Mia and Belle from Pet Nat Sats with George Wine’s Alice L’estrange for a totally unpretentious conversation about wine and why you like it. We’ll be talking about it. We’ll be thinking about it. And of course, we’ll be drinking it!

What you can expect:

Slurp on delicious George wines!
A chill chat and hang with the women behind Pet Nat Sats
Hear from Alice L’estrange about her experiences in natural winemaking
How to navigate your way through the wine store + jargon