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Workshop: All Are Welcome

Thursday, May 16th 2019
6:30 - 8:30 pm
LOL Space
451 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

When faced with the reality of the refugee experience in Australia, it can be hard to know how to actually help in a meaningful way. Join lawyer and activist Fadak Alfayadh for a discussion about allyship, and how we can best embrace, respect and help people seeking asylum in our communities. Sharing her own experience arriving in Australia as a refugee 15 years ago, Fadak will discuss practical ways we can support the needs of people seeking asylum, as well as how to combat prejudice at an individual and community level.

What you can expect:

Learn how you can be an ally to people seeking asylum in Australia and elsewhere
Debunk myths we hear about people seeking asylum
Possible solutions to one of Australia's biggest moral issues
Understand how we got here in the first place

LEADER BIO: Fadak Alfayadh

Fadak is a community lawyer, advocate and former refugee. Fadak is the head of Meet Fadak, a campaign for a welcoming, diverse and embracing Australia. She currently works in the prevention of violence against women and previously in community law to uphold human rights and ensure access to legal services for those marginalised. Fadak’s work in settlement services and legal advocacy was also vital to newly arrived people. Fadak is an international and local speaker and commentator, and has had her work featured in Al Jazeera, The Age, ABC, SBS, VICE, New Matilda, RightNow & Catalogue.