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WORKSHOP: The Sex Ed Class (You Never Had)

Oct 24th, 2019
6:30 - 8:30 pm
$30 per person

We’re on a mission to demystify some of the areas of sexual health and wellbeing we wish we’d learned in high school. Sexual health professional Marti Kaiser aims to educate and empower through knowledge and understanding in an inclusive, relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Take control of your own body and eliminate any feelings of shame in this straight-forward sex ed session – no funny business (okay, maybe some things will be a bit funny)!

What to expect:

De-stigmatising and demystifying STI’s or STI facts vs fiction
Understanding and negotiating contraception
Vaginal discharge! What’s up with that?
Who to see for what and when and your rights as a patient!
+Heaps more!